Professor Fails Entire Course Because His Students Were Total D*cks To Him

Professor Fails Entire Course Because His Students Were Total Dicks To Him

The end of the semester is no joke. The round-the-clock studying, the fear, the stress eating. At some point, you and your study buddies will eventually reach a highlighter and sticky tab induced delirium and say “Hey, what if we all just didn’t take our finals? What would they do? They couldn’t possibly fail all of us!”

Well, as some students at Texas A&M University at Galveston found out, it is totally possibly to all be failed in a course. And when it happens, it stings like a bitch.

Management professor Irwin Horwitz had just about had it up to here with his students behavior, so he decided to fail an entire corse he was teaching. And honestly, if his claims are true, his students are total fucking douchebags and deserved it. Here’s one of his emails to his class, via Inside Higher Ed:

Since teaching this course, I have caught and seen cheating, been told to ‘chill out,’ ‘get out of my space,’ ‘go back and teach,’ [been] called a ‘fucking moron’ to my face, [had] one student cheat by signing in for another, one student not showing up but claiming they did, listened to many hurtful and untrue rumors about myself and others, been caught between fights between students…. None of you, in my opinion, given the behavior in this class, deserve to pass, or graduate to become an Aggie, as you do not in any way embody the honor that the university holds graduates should have within their personal character. It is thus for these reasons why I am officially walking away from this course. I am frankly and completely disgusted. You all lack the honor and maturity to live up to the standards that Texas A&M holds, and the competence and/or desire to do the quality work necessary to pass the course just on a grade level…I will no longer be teaching the course, and all are being awarded a failing grade.

So, like, fuck all that noise. Although it should be noted that, due to the fact that a small minority of students in Irwin’s course actually did their work and weren’t, you know, total monsters they were thus failed unduly. So, the university has to overturn the class-wide failure and now assign individual grades.

The life lesson here? Don’t be a dick to your professors, ladies. You may be paying a lot of money for college, but it’s up to you to get the maximum bang for your buck by actually learning something.

Happy finals season, btw.

[via Inside Higher Ed, Gawker]

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