Private School Takes Sex Ed Students On A Field Trip To An “Adult” Shop

Sex Ed

Going to a sex shop for the first time is awkward. You don’t want to look at the giant purple dildo for too long, and you’re not exactly sure what people do with those innocent-looking beads. Despite the friendly cashier and the very happy-looking women on the DVD covers, you’re thankful that you don’t have someone with you to witness this rite of passage. One group of students, however, weren’t so lucky with their sex-shop virginity.

It all started when the heads of a small Minneapolis private school decided to spice up a sexual education class. Learning about the birds and the bees is boring. But going into a store filled with toys to help the birds and the bees get it on? Now that sounds like some quality sex ed. It seemed like such a good idea, that last week, the teachers of the school took a group of middle and high school students on a field trip to the “Smitten Kitten.”

And shit hit the fan.

Parents basically self-combusted when they realized that their innocent, puberty-aged children were around vibrators and lubricants and stripper heels, oh my! Now, mind you, the Smitten Kitten is a classy place. According to an article by the StarTribune, it is “a progressive sex toy store for everyone.” In addition to selling assless chaps and ben wa balls, the store also offers education workshops. So chill out ‘rents.

The director of the school, Starri Hedges, went on to defend the outing after parents starting freaking the eff out.

What I saw happening on our trip, I thought it was beautiful because kids could talk to these sex educators without any shame, without any fear.

The sexual health aspect, there is no right age for all kids,” Hedges said. “You can’t say, ‘All kids should know this at this age.’ There are students that are already going through puberty at 10 or 11.

This whole thing was actually really selfless on the educators’ parts. Despite the fact that the school broke some laws, didn’t even inform the parents that this was happening, and allowed the students to buy condoms, these kids without a doubt had the coolest field trip experience ever. I just hope it was worth it. The heads of the school said that they most likely won’t go on this field trip again considering the fact that the entire PTA hates them now. Still, you gotta respect the private school for not only going against the usual “abstinence only” views but literally showing their students how great it is to get laid. Despite the awkwardness, it’s still SO much better than a day at the planetarium. Besides, they still got to see someone‘s Uranus.

[via StarTribune]

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