Prince Harry Remains TFTC

Coming off of his recent Las Vegas nudity scandal, Prince Harry has tried to lay low for the past week, avoiding paparazzi as well as any other tempting party scenarios. Even though he has reportedly been offered $10 million dollars to do a “tasteful” porno flick and showcase the crown jewels, Harry has reportedly shamed the royal family and is trying to get back in its good graces.

I really sympathize for Prince Harry. First of all, I think we’ve all made one or two drunken mistakes and had it come back in our faces. Second of all, his brother is such a stick in the mud that he is just working doubly hard to live up to the entitled, rich party boy reputation that the entire world would expect of any prince. Also, he’s a ginger, which means that regardless of how many titles he may have, or how much money he may be worth, he has to be awesome in order for anyone to like him at all.

In a stroke of brilliant PR, Harry has decided that his next public appearance will be September 3, when he will be a guest and a presenter at the WellChild Awards in London, a charity Harry has been active with for many years. The Ginger Prince will present the award for Most Inspirational Child and will also deliver the closing speech for the awards ceremony.

I think this is absolutely brilliant. Sure, he got a little wild in Vegas, but nobody got hurt, did they? And while he likes to have a good time, he still remains a charitable and caring human being. So what if he threw a rager? He’s philanthropic. (Sound familiar?) At the end of the day, I don’t think anyone cares who’s seen you naked as long as you can do some charity work. So what if you throw the biggest party on campus? It’s a tried and true theory: as long as you continue to raise hundreds of thousands for the local children’s hospital, you still remain in the dean’s good graces.


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