Pretending To Be Blair Waldorf Is Cool Again

Gossip Girl

If there’s one accessory near to the hearts of each and every “Gossip Girl” fan, it’s the headband. We all had our own collection of both thick and thin, patterned and plain, rhinestone-covered headbands that Blair Waldorf herself would be jealous of. While this trend took the world by storm, it ended just as quickly as it started. Today, my headband collection purely fills a nostalgic function of the time in my life that I dreamed of eating yogurt on the steps of the Met.

However, it may be time to revisit my old collection and maybe even put a headband or two back into rotation. According to Vogue, Queen B’s favorite accessory is officially back for 2016, and my 17-year-old self has never been more pumped. Designer Sonia Rykiel reintroduced the headband at the reveal of her pre-fall 2016 collection, and “Gossip Girl” fans everywhere haven’t been able to contain their excitement since.

Before you pull out your favorite plaid Burberry band to complete your perfectly preppy look, know that the way this accessory is being worn is just a little different than it was in the days of the reign of Queen B. Instead of polishing off a look to perfection, headbands in 2016 are a little more funky and a little more ironic, so wear them with your favorite crop top, athleisure gear, or glitter leggings for maximum effect. While the style is different, the sentiment is the same, and you’d better believe that, no matter what outfit I pair my 2016 headband with, I’ll be daydreaming of macaroons and peonies the entire time I’m wearing it.

[via Vogue]

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