PornHub Just Released The First Ever “Sexercise” Program

The future is now, people. Finally, scientists have put themselves to good use and teamed up with PornHub to create Bangfit: the first ever sexercise program. This online game is dedicated to get you Fit As Fuck. Simply go on the website like you usually do, but trade your one finger workout for a full body sculpting. Select the number of players (1 players, 2 players, “damn player” — which seems to mean more than two players) and get started. You can use your phone as the console by attaching it to your hip so it can detect how well you hump along to the video (PornHub is working on marketing their own Bangfit belt). It’s like dirty Dance Dance Revolution.

You know that sinking feeling when you have an active day but forget to wear your FitBit and end up losing the Work Week Hustle? Well, think of all the sexual acts you’ve left unaccounted for. All the times that you wish you could share your freaky frolics with your followers. Good news for you, you cocky cock connoisseur, once you get your Bangfit score, you have the option to share it on any or all social media your little heart desires.

Not only will Bangfit give you a bangin’ body, but studies have shown that sex makes you happier, lowers your blood pressure and stress levels, and improves intimacy with your partner. But, like, we all knew that. America is one of the fattest, but also one of the most porn obsessed countries, so this should be interesting.

What are you doing still reading this article?! Go forth and fuck your way to fitness!

[via Youtube / Pornhub]

Image via Youtube

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