Pornhub Is Giving Away A $25,000 College Scholarship And You Don’t Even Have To Take Your Clothes Off


If you’re of that rare breed of humans that hasn’t yet discovered the ecstasy of self-pleasure, Pornhub is like the Google of porn. It is the entrance to anything and everything having to do with porn, and if you can’t find a single decent thing you can get off to on there, then you’re one sick, twisted motherfucker.

But Pornhub wants to be known as more than just your one-stop-get-off-shop, which is why they’re sponsoring a $25,000 college scholarship for one lucky student who has good grades and makes people happy. Maybe not in the same way as Pornhub makes people happy, but happy nonetheless.


All majors are welcome to apply for this scholarship. As long as you have a 3.2 GPA and send in a short video showing “the good work that you do and anything else that you might want to say,” along with an essay describing how you strive to make people happy, you have a chance at winning $25,000.

To win, you’ll have to stand out. PornHub encourages applicants to be creative, give concrete examples, and show strong leadership abilities. Applications are due October 31, so you better start brainstorming right effing now. But before you start, don’t go recording your sex session with your boyfriend/friend with benefits just yet, because that’s not what they want to see.

Pornhub also wants to be perfectly clear that they will NOT consider your application if you send in a video of yourself (or others) having sex and use that as your submission for the scholarship. They won’t disqualify for nudity, because, duh, it’s still Pornhub, but “sex videos will not be seriously considered.”

The greatest irony of it all is that Pornhub is probably saving someone from having to go into porn because they need the money for school by giving a student this scholarship. That’s how Duke porn star Belle Knox got started, and I’m sure that what pushes some actors into the porn industry.

Even if you don’t watch porn, it’s still $25,000 more than you had in your bank account yesterday, so it’s worth applying. Vice President Corey Price hopes that applicants are at least “sex-positive,” and advises that “if you’re against pornography and an anti-pornography crusader, this is probably not the scholarship for you.”

Pornhub is not only helping you get off, but helping you get off student loans. Awesome.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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