Pornhub Changes To Cornhub For April Fools, Is Hilariously Steamy


I’ve never been good at April Fool’s pranks. I can never think of anything good, and usually just end up making a really awkward joke — like telling my mom I love her, and then saying April Fool’s, which she does not find amusing. It’s easier to fail at April Fool’s than it is to win, which is why Pornhub’s, now Cornhub’s, prank stands out so much. Today might be the first time Pornhub is safe to watch at work, because as the name indicates, today it’s been transformed into Cornhub, a site for…corn. But it’s still porn. It’s just corn porn.

Where videos of girls getting rubbed down with oil used to be, there are now videos of corn getting rubbed down by hot butter (yum). Video tags now include titles like “Hot kernels get popped,” and way too may slob on the cob jokes to count, and as you may have guessed, people are sort of losing their minds. If you’re me, the site also makes it feel like you’re suddenly craving popcorn, even though I’m never going to be able to look at it the same way again after I saw the “hot young corn gets plowed” headline. Be warned if you go to the site to check things out, it will take you to real human porn if you move past the corny stuff (lol).

The best part is that for today at least, you can mess around on your favorite porn site on your computer and honestly just look like you’re searching for corn recipes to eat healthy tonight. April Fool’s on the eating healthy part.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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