Play Along In The TSM “The Bachelorette” Bracket League

So the day is finally upon us. Tonight, 26 dudes will compete for 25-year-old JoJo Fletcher’s boobs heart on ABC’s The Bachelorette. Who will prevail in the end? Will it be Evan, the erectile dysfunction specialist? Jordan, the (obviously loaded) little bro of Green Bay Quarterback Aaron Rodgers? Or Alex, the hotU.S. Marine with a sleeve full of tattoos? Who knows? Who cares as long as we get to look at hot dudes for an hour every week?

Well, if you need a little something extra to keep you invested in JoJo’s journey toward a 7-week-engagement ever-lasting love, we’ve got it for you. You can play along with some us as we try to figure out who will ultimately win JoJo’s heart. Here’s how it works: first, simply click on the link, sign up, and join the league (use your Twitter handle for your player name if you can!). Then you can make your picks one of two ways: you can make your choices all at the beginning (and edit them as the weeks go on, if you want) or wait and make them weekly. Either way, just be sure your picks are in for the week before the episode airs on the east coast. And it’s no biggie if you forget one week, you can just hop back in before the next episode!

There’s no prize for predicting which guy will be left standing, or will be down on one knee. But let’s be honest, superficially judging dudes on a TV show is prize enough, isn’t it?
My choices for this week are already up, so it’s time to make yours and play along. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on both the dudes and your brackets during tonight’s premiere, so see you then!

Good luck, everyone!

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