Pi Kappa Phi At Florida Southern Broke A World Record With A Bouncy House

Fraternity boys are known to break lots of things — most of the furniture in their houses, all kinds of rules, the hearts of sorority girls, and now, thanks to one chapter at Florida Southern College, we can add another thing to the list: Guinness World Records.

Pi Kappa Phi in Lakeland, Florida set the record for “longest marathon in a bouncy castle for a team” over Labor Day weekend. Even better? They did it while raising money for their organization’s philanthropy, The Ability Experience, which focuses on enhancing the lives of people with disabilities.

The brothers kept the bounce house occupied from 4 p.m. on Friday to 4 p.m. on Sunday. This broke the previous record of 39 hours, held by a group of “bouncers” from England. There were eight brothers on Pi Kap’s bouncing team who split the 48 hours up into shifts. But it wasn’t just the fraternity men who were in on the record. For a $5 fee, any member of the Florida Southern community was allowed to join them for a bounce (the non-sexual kind, of course).

The fraternity was inspired to break the record by chapter alum Bryant Phillips. Bryant broke a world record of his own in 2013. He had gathered the school’s students and faculty together to beat the record for the most high-fives in one minute. The chapter’s philanthropy chair, Chris Moran, told the school’s paper, The Southern, that Bryant is still an inspiration to the chapter, “He inspired us to want to break a record together as a chapter. He still lives in Lakeland and has been involved in supporting us over this record breaking attempt.”

One of the team members, Blake Gershowitz, also spoke out about the experience.

From The Southern:

Many times we felt like quitting, but in the end we bared through it and accomplished our goal. I still can’t believe we did it. Everyone jumped for at least six hours each, afterwards all I wanted to do was sleep. It was a ton of fun, I don’t know if I could ever do something like that again, but it’s great to have broken a world record, working really hard, and for a really good cause.

Good job, boys.

[via The Southern]

Image via Tyler Philolius

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