Pi Kappa Alpha At Utah State University Sings The Pike Dream Girl Song To A Dream Girl From The 1950’s

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It doesn’t matter how much time has passed, Anne Pannier Butler will always be a Pike dream girl. A member of Alpha Chi Omega, Anne has close ties to Pi Kappa Alpha at USU — she married one over 60 years ago. She and her husband have attended every Pi Kap founder’s day event for decades. She was recently treated to a serenade by the Gamma Epsilon chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha in her rehab room where has been recovering from surgery for over a month. Anne’s granddaughter, a current Pike Dream Girl, set the whole thing up and asked the fraternity men if they would mind singing the Pike Dream Girl song to her ailing grandmother, and of course, they obliged.

USU Pi Kappa Alpha brings joy to dream girl from the 1950's

USU Pi Kappa Alpha brings joy and sings to dream girl from the 1950's. Once a dream girl, always a dream girl #ΠΚΑ #ΦΦΚΑ

Posted by Pi Kappa Alpha of USU on Monday, February 22, 2016

An unnamed USU Pike who told us about this incredible story said that the song completely lifted her spirits. “She had an amazing experience and her husband told us it added years to her life,” he said.

Here’s what the Pike dream girl had to say about her serenade, via HJ News:

I need to share with the community a special event that occurred in my rehab room at the Rocky Mountain Care facility in Logan, Utah, at 7 p.m. on Saturday night, Feb. 20. I was alone in my room when several young men entered and asked if they could sing to me. I told them I’d like that. They left and to my amazement my room suddenly filled with dozens of young men from the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity at USU. My eyes filled with tears as these young men filled not only my room but the hall outside of my room, and then they sang the Pi Kap dream girl song to me. I am over 80 years old, married a Pi Kap 60 years ago, have one leg I can’t move, and have been in this facility for over a month.

When they finished singing, those in the hallway filled my room even more and some of them held my hand or gave me a hug. Then several of them came next to my bed and handed me a vase filled with beautiful red roses!

Much of the time we only hear or read about negative things about fraternities and sororities. Well, this 80-year-old plus great grandmother who affiliated with Alpha Chi Omega Sorority at the University of Utah more that 60 years ago experienced a huge positive in a lonely rehab room where she is most of the time except for therapy and medical appointments.

My grandchildren in Las Vegas set this up with the USU fraternity. How fortunate I am to have had this once in a lifetime awesome experience.

Once a dream girl, always a dream girl.

[via HJ news]

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