Pi Beta Phi’s VP of Finance At University of Memphis Accused Of Forging Checks And Pocketing $30,000

Pi Beta Phi's VP At University of Memphis Accused Of Forging Checks And Pocketing $30,000

This is oddly the second incidence we hear today of a sorority member stealing money from her chapter, with the first being a Gamma Phi Beta alum taking almost half a million dollars from her chapter’s housing budget. This time, it’s a different sorority and less money, but the same sad story of a sorority woman taking advantage of the privileges of leading such an organization.

According to WMCA Action News 5:

Police said Brittaney Hicks, 23, was Vice President of Phi Beta Phi at the University of Memphis. During a six-month period, police said she forged 33 checks totaling about $30,000.

It should be noted that the article mentioned above insinuates Hicks was Vice President of her chapter, when she was actually Vice President of Finance. It’s pretty easy to she got away with stealing $30,000 from her chapter, because she had all the power when it came to money. Hicks is currently facing criminal charges for her actions. Pi Beta Phi allegedly confronted Hicks about the money on multiple occasions, but it was never returned to the chapter.

As shocking as it is, this obviously isn’t the first time one of our own has betrayed the sisterhood. Hell, this isn’t even the first time today. Be mindful of who you elect to lead your chapter, and make sure they are trustworthy and competent for the position. Don’t let this happen to your chapter. Lookout for the wolf in Lilly clothing.

[via WMCA Action News 5]

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