People Living Near Duke Annoyed That Living Near A Campus Means College Students Will Be Noisy

People Living Near Duke Annoyed That Living Near A Campus Means College Students Will Be Noisy

The city of Durham, home to Duke, is not happy. Why? Because college students throw college parties — particularly, fraternity parties — and sometimes…they make noise. As they feel the school’s “Knock and Talk” program the first week of the school year, during which Duke’s Police Department visits house to “share University expectations for living in the community,” AKA give them a warning, Durham is requesting stricter city ordinances.

Their complaints are simple, according to The Duke Chronicle:

“The parties involve alcohol, a lot of women and they shriek and scream and yell loudly,” said Kay Robin Alexander, Trinity ‘83. “The worst part is, sometimes after the police come and break up the parties, they’re out on the street making noise.”

That does sound like the worst part. When people are kicked out of their destination, they are temporarily in the street as they leave. I mean, there is crime, and violence, and a sexual assault epidemic, but shrieking girls? Yikes.

“It stops for a while, and it springs back up,” she said. “None of the knock-and-talks seem to have been enough to convince students to look for other venues for parties.”

I can’t say I’m entirely surprised that college students want to continue to party at their colleges, and frat boys want to continue to party in their homes. The townspeople are looking for “creative ways to sue around this issue,” because they “have a lot of other problems” and “it would be great if [they] didn’t have to focus on party houses.” But focus, they do.

The township currently has no plans to pursue legal action.

[via The Duke Chronicle]

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