People Have Resorted To Tattooing Overdrawn Lips On In The Name Of Kylie Jenner

People Have Resorted To Tattooing Overdrawn Lips On In The Name Of Kylie Jenner

The big lips craze isn’t dying down. Thanks to Kylie Jenner (and her dermatologist), everyone is after that full, voluptuous pout. Kylie’s lips went from 0-100 real f*ckin’ quick, even though she insisted that she never went under the knife. After a lot of prodding, Kylie finally admitted her lips had tripled in size due to lip fillers, a procedure done by a dermatologist with a needle.

Lip fillers technically aren’t plastic surgery, but it’s still a very expensive procedure. It can cost anywhere from $750 to $950 and they only last six to nine months. No problem for Kylie, since she just bought a $2 million house and she hasn’t even turned 18, but that ain’t cheap for the rest of us peasants.

An emerging alternative to lip fillers is permanent lip tattoos. Cosmetic tattoo “artists” are now tattooing overdrawn lips on people who want the “Kylie Jenner look” but don’t want to go back and drop another grand every six to nine months. The overdrawn lip tattoo can cost upwards of a thousand dollars, but lasts eight to ten years.

As much as I absolutely HATE permanent makeup, the way some of these lip tattoos came out makes me want to change my mind.

It just looks so… natural for being a tattoo. Is it weird that I kind of want it? I still don’t know if I would shell out that much money for a face tattoo, but the way this big lip craze is blowing up, it’s starting to look like a pretty good option.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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