People Are Mad At Chrissy Teigen For Going To Dinner Sans Baby Because This Is The World We Live In

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In case you haven’t heard, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend recently had a baby girl named Luna Simone. And of course, she’s really friggin’ cute. Not that anyone is surprised. When two shockingly beautiful people get together and bump uglies, there’s a slim chance the kid will be anything less than perfect. If the squishy cheeks don’t do it for you, the fact that she has a Harry Potter-themed name is another good reason to fall in love.


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#nofilter 😁

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So yeah. That’s one good looking baby. At the risk of sounding like I’m a crazy person ready to steal their child and raise her as my own on a deserted island, these two are probably my favorite celebrity couple. Which is really saying something, because I don’t regularly listen to John’s music and I’m not even sure what Chrissy does, apart from looking perfect 100% of the time and having gorgeous baby showers.

Last week, the newbie parents went on a dinner date. Nothing crazy. We know they love food, and each other, so why shouldn’t they? The paparazzi was obviously there to snap some pics, which Us Weekly and similar accounts quickly uploaded to Instagram. The photos immediately prompted unwarranted backlash by strangers on the internet, who slammed Chrissy for daring to leave her baby for the entirety of a meal so soon after Luna was born.

#ChrissyTeigen shows off her post-baby body while stepping out enjoying a dinner date with her husband #JohnLegend

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May I just say, are you assholes fucking kidding me? In what world is it okay for people to judge a woman they don’t even know for being apart for her baby for one evening, simply to get dinner with her husband? Lord knows I’ll be calling a sitter immediately after giving birth, so I can hit the town and do all the shit I missed out on for nine months. Does that make me an alcoholic? Maybe. But does that make me a bad mother? Fuck no. I also think it’s hilarious that John is also included the pictures, but no one calls him out for being a bad parent. There is apparently no limit to the amount of stupidity you can find on the internet these days.

Luckily, our girl doesn’t give a fuck about the trolls, and had a respectable sense of humor while dealing with all the hate.

Keep doin’ you, Chrissy. We love you, and anyone with half a brain should realize that your baby will most likely rule the world one day.

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