Painting like one of the pros. TSM.

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Hi Y'all I'm Nicole and I am your typical misplaced southern sorority republican girl living in Chicago, IL, going to school at DePaul University. I love all things preppy: bows, pearls, monograms, Lilly, etc. I also love keeping it classy whether its at a party or philanthropy event. I want to name my children Reagan and Kennedy after my two favorite presidential families. I believe that there is no such thing as being overdressed. Guys should be gentlemen (preferably Rowdy gents), and NO CARGOS. I'm getting my MRS degree and hoping to be a trophy wife. Anyways, I also believe girls should be ladies, meaning not hooking up or being easy, not dressing like a skank. Be a Jackie not a Marilyn. I love my sorority sisters, America, and the SEC. If you were to see me I would either be wearing my letters, Lilly, Vineyard Vines, or RL.

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