OU Pi Phi’s “Hunger Games” Performance Will Change The Way You Look At Competitions

Hunger Games

I’m going to be honest, when it comes to college, I feel like I was cheated. No I don’t mean in the sense of getting way too drunk on way too gross tequila or skipping class to go on *~aDvEnTuReS~*. I danced on plenty of tables and I kissed enough boys. But despite all of that I still feel like something was missing. Something was taken from me, before I even knew I wanted it. I feel like I was cheated…out of competitive university song and dance.

For some absurd reason, it has just been brought to my attention that there are universities out there that hold “Pitch Perfect” style competitions. No, they don’t just sing a little song and be done with it. These shows put the rest of our cheer/dance/air band competitions to shame. The costumes! The vocal abilities! The choreographed numbers! It’s obvious that this isn’t just some event. This is a freaking lifestyle. It all started when my mind was blown by OU Gamma Phi And Phi Delt’s University Sing Performance. I watched it a good 10 times. I Googled countless others. I creeped and I stalked and I dug through social media to find more. And that’s when it hit me:

There are universities out there who have literal musical competitions. And I was so very, very obsessed.

I mean, making frat guys sing songs and dance on stage? Swoon. Having an excuse to be the absolute star and boss everyone around because YOUR TOES NEED TO BE POINTED? Double swoon. Naturally, after posting that first video, countless others rolled in, claiming that they were the best. And then, one actually was the best. Maybe it’s because the obsession with “The Hunger Games” is so very, very real. Maybe it’s because their vocals are on point. Or maybe it’s because this performance made me literally LOL like a creep. Whatever it is, it’s perfect. OU Pi Beta Phi and Beta Upsilon Chi? You killed it.

More of this, everyone. Please. More of this.

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