Ordering An Angel Shot At The Bar Could Literally Save Your Life

Ordering An Angel Shot At The Bar Could Literally Save Your Life

In the world of app dating, it’s become more and more likely that the person you grab a first drink with will be a stranger instead of someone you already know. While this is definitely exciting and certainly opens up an entire new world of possibilities, it also comes with plenty of risk, since you don’t know much about who you’ll be meeting for a date. Thankfully, sending an “emergency” text to your BFF is no longer the only way to keep you safe – your bartenders now have your back too.

At the Iberian Rooster, bartenders ingeniously came up with the “Angel Shot,” which women can order at the bar if they feel like they’re in trouble, and the bartenders will help them escape, no questions asked. You can also order a couple of different ways to communicate to your bartender the type of help you need: a neat shot will get you an escort to your car; ordered with ice will get you an Uber; and ordered with lime will let the bartender know to call the police. Of course, it could be dangerous for the guys you’re with to see this advertised, so the bartenders chose to hang them up in the women’s bathrooms only.

Of course, now that everyone knows about this, I highly doubt that shady men will be taking their dates to this particular bar, but it does open the door for other bars, restaurants, and establishments to create their own code word systems and advertise them in a way that women know they’ll be safe. If you’re a bartender, know a friend who is, or work in a restaurant, take the time to bring this up to the people in charge.

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