One Third Of All Millennials Aren’t Straight


Guess what, Millennials? Chances are, we’re not going to die alone after all! Thanks to finally accepting ourselves, being open to new things (and people), and getting drunk and accidentally making out with our roommates, we’re all one step closer to finding that “happily ever after.”

According to The Washington Post, more and more people of our generation are expanding their mate search. And by that, I mean they’re hooking up with both guys and girls.

To test out who us younger folk are attracted to, YouGov decided to ask Millennials (under 30-year-olds) to place themselves on the Kinsey Scale. Basically, that meant having people rate themselves 0-6. Zero being completely heterosexual and 6 being completely homosexual. And guess what? A good chuck of us aren’t straight! Who would have thought? Uh, most of us, considering we’ve all been tonsil deep with another drunk girl once or twice. But even more than that, a lot of us feel uncomfortable with the labels of “gay” or “straight” and just want to love (read: hook up with) whoever the hell we feel like.

From The Washington Post:

Asked if it was conceivable that they could be attracted to a person of the same sex “if the right person came along at the right time,” 16 percent of “straight” Americans said it was “not impossible,” 7 percent said “maybe,” and 4 percent said they could “definitely” be attracted to somebody of the same sex. Seventy-four percent of men said they could “absolutely not” be attracted to somebody of the same sex, compared with 59 percent of women. Not even half of millennials — 49 percent — answered “absolutely not” to the same-sex attraction question, compared with 78 percent of seniors.

So, basically our chance of finding someone to touch our butts and say “I do” to us goes up. I mean, if we like more people, chances are greater that we’ll find someone out there who will like us back. Right? Who knows. But it’ll be a hell of a time finding out. Cheers to kissing girls, liking boys, being whoever we want, and loving whoever makes us whole. Sex, and a happily-ever-after, just got a whole lot better.

[via The Washington Post, YouGov]

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