One Nation, Under Leggings

One Nation, Under Leggings

Some people say leggings aren’t pants. I agree. They are a lifestyle. A versatile, comfortable, life-changing lifestyle. Aside from essentially driving the getaway car from a bad hookup’s place in the morning–and making your butt look fantastic while doing it–the wonders of leggings are endless. They cover up your hairy legs, fit you perfectly even after you binge eat, tuck into your boots wonderfully, and also the butt thing. Considering these wonderful, mystical spandex, here are some reasons why they’re the most incredible item of clothing.

They Have Multiple Uses

The Casual Wear
Because you usually have shack shirts that are at least a size too big, leggings are a must. Nothing makes you look skinnier than a big T-shirt and leggings. Spirit jerseys are also a must. They’re comfy AND people can see your best ass…et.

The Formal Wear
Too lazy (or bloated) to fit into jeans for the bar? Leggings. They are interchangeable with jeggings or leather leggings, but ordinary leggings look just as great, too. Throw on a cute top and wear your leggings with boots OR heels and bam! Your butt looks great and you can even go to bed in this outfit since it’s so cozy.

The Athletic Wear
Lululemon had the right idea. Workouts are not meant for shorts, or even sweats. Leggings are essential for a great workout, especially paired with cute sneakers. You can easily go from a class outfit to a gym outfit with just a simple change in bra and shirt. That, my friend, is every girl’s dream.

Variety of Designs

If you’re feeling extra crazy, possibly on a night out, you can wear patterned leggings. These range from tribal to cheetah, and they fit any occasion. God bless the leggings creators.

Being completely covered from the waist down says, “I don’t want my ass grabbed.” If you’re ready to step up your game, the cut-outs are for you. I’m talking about slits, triangle cutouts, knee cutouts–the list goes on and on.

Nothing makes me happier than maroon leggings in fall. Maroon leggings, along with other colors, are complete game changers. Not only does your ass look great in the original black, but it looks just as good in gray, greens, and other colors, too.

Some of you may fear that leggings aren’t dressy enough. I pity you. Regardless, you cannot deny the level of intensity when you walk into the bar wearing leather leggings. You can wear these edgy leggings to anything: mixers, bars, clubs, concerts, hell, even on Halloween. Invest in these babies.

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