Ohio University Has Officially Banned Sorority Recruitment Videos


I live for recruitment videos. I don’t care if they’re staged beyond belief or waste six tons of glitter per shot. Pop music, matching outfits, girls randomly throwing what they know in the middle of a street. They are over the top, expensive, ridiculous, and magical. It’s like a Broadway musical for sororities.

Unfortunately, not all people agree with me. According to, The Post, the Panhellenic Council at Ohio University has elected to eliminate recruitment videos for the upcoming formal recruitment and beyond. The university has a “no frills” recruitment process, in order to maximum the amount of time the PNMs get to spending creating meaningful connections with sisters. This means they also don’t do anything such as recruitment skits, small gifts, notes or favors.

If the sororities do still wish to show videos to the PNMs, they have the option of doing them during the philanthropy round. However, they don’t get to make the videos themselves. They have to come either from the national or international organization or from the philanthropic organization itself.

While recruitment videos don’t add a ton to the recruitment experience of the PNM, they are helpful in starting a conversation. I don’t know how meaningful a conversation held during the first ten minutes of the round can be, especially if that conversation doesn’t have a starting point. Videos have always served as a jumping point for the sisterhood — it immediately gives you something to talk about beyond your name, major, and hometown. It might decrease the amount of time you get to talk to someone, but it’ll give you something more meaningful to talk about.

As for a “no frills” recruitment process, what is OU gonna do away with next? Matching outfits? Bid day themes? Glitter throwing?

JK, they can take our videos but they will never take our glitter.

[via The Post]

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