Odds Are You’re Probably Getting Dumped Today


With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, most girls are either spending way too much money on their significant others or buckling down some “Galentine’s Day” plans with their other single friends. The rest are stocking up on ice cream and tissues.

But even if you’re safely in a relationship with reservations for dinner this Sunday, apparently V-Day could still suck for you. According to Female First, (an “extramarital” dating site) reported that Red Tuesday is the most popular day of the year for breakups. To sum up how their spokesperson explained the reasoning for such a phenomenon: he’s just not that into you.

You’re on the cusp of what is generally considered to be one of the most romantic and important days for any relationship, and then you realize that you don’t love your partner as much as they love you, so to save yourself the embarrassment or shame of having to declare your love to someone you don’t really care for, what do you do? You take the lesser of two evils and dump them.

So my advice for all you lovebirds out there is to cool it this Valentine’s Day. Don’t make this any more of a thing than it is. We all know it’s just an excuse to decorate with the color pink, buy a new outfit, and get a free dinner. You don’t need to go scaring off your future hubby with talk of blasphemous things like love and commitment. You should really know better.

If you’re single, though, perhaps the tides are changing. The cheating dating site has also experienced a recent spike in membership. Maybe 27 percent of relationships end in breakups today, but that just means more fish in the sea for you.

[via Female First]

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