Obama Talks SAE’s Racist Chant And Actually Gives Us Hope About The State Of Fraternities

Obama Talks SAE's Racist Chant And Actually Gives Us Hope About The State Of Fraternities

After the racist song at the University of Oklahoma, the whole country has sort of been on edge with regard to Greeks. We’re being vilified, and while it isn’t fair to the vast majority of Greeks who were embarrassed and disgusted by the chant in that video, it’s understandable. People need someone to blame. Unfortunately, that’s members of fraternities and sororities. In a sick twist of irony, they are overgeneralizing the actions of a few, and placing blame on the innocent many. Everyone seems to be hoping to move to end the Greek system all together. It’s as if they are blaming Greek membership for people’s bad upbringings. The fact of the matter is that bad people will exist with or without the Greek system, and it’s unfortunate that people think villains are being bred within the confines of frat row.

In all this, however, none other than President Obama seems to be standing up for us. Well, sort of. He admits that fraternities do stupid things — that people do stupid things. Young guys often do. But argues that the public’s reaction is what’s most important here.

”The way we have to measure progress here is not, is there ever going to be an incident of racism in the country. It’s how does the majority of our country respond? And on that front, there’s no doubt that the overwhelming number of students at the University of Oklahoma, and around the country, think that kind of behavior is deplorable and don’t accept it. Frankly, 30 years ago or 40 years ago, there might have been a different reaction and more tolerance for that kind of racist chant.”

Is it possible…that the president totally gets it?

Hey, thanks, Obama. And I’ve never meant that more.

[h/t AOL]

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