NYC Half Marathon Runner Takes Epic Selfies With Hot Guys

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Selfies are all the rage right now. Shopping selfies, beach selfies, hangover selfies, I want to make him so fucking jealous selfies–people everywhere are finding every reason in the book to share images of themselves in the form of the beloved selfie. There are even songs about them, like #Selfie by The Chainsmokers, which brought new life to the crazy, fun, and ridiculous culture that is being a social media-obsessed millennial. I’m actually taking one right now as I write about them. Multi-tasking at its finest, or so I thought. Turns out that my selfie skills are nothing compared to Kelly Roberts’, an actress and writer who works at XO Group Inc. in New York City.

The Brooklyn resident, 24, decided to entertain herself while running in Sunday’s NYC half marathon by live Instagramming selfies with hot guys.

“Right before the race started we were in our holding corals and I spotted a very handsome gentleman behind me and came up with the idea and the hashtag,” Roberts told Gothamist.


I guess that’s one way to run 13.1 miles. Let’s be real here. It’s more like the BEST way to run 13.1 miles. There’s no better motivation to kick it into high gear while running than knowing a hot guy is a few paces behind you. When 2 Chainz said to “look back at it,” this girl took him literally. And she did so with no shame.

Roberts told Gothamist that she was sure several of the lucky few had noticed her selfie storm, “because I definitely wasn’t sly about it, especially towards the end of the race. I would sprint past them, check them out from the side and then position myself close enough to get the picture.”

Move aside Hilary Duff, because Kelly Roberts may be my new selfie hero. She not only gets creativity points, but she also gets several in fitness. The only place I’ve ever considered running to is happy hour, but after this quote I have new motivation to make it a regular thing.

“…running makes a guy look hotter!” she explained. “Sweaty exhausted men? Sign me up! Extremely hot.”

Now I’m motivated to make my regular Norts and sneakers “look” actually serve a purpose. Thanks, girl.

[via gothamist]

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