NPC Withdraws Its Support Of The Safe Campus Act


This week we reported that several sororities spoke out against a bill that the National Panhellenic Conference and the North American Interfraternity Conference spent thousands trying to get passed. NPC and IFC have spent over $200,000 (of your dues, might I add) lobbying for the Safe Campus bill, and last night they completely pulled their support.

The bill itself was controversial because it wouldn’t allow colleges to investigate or do anything involving sexual assault cases (like making sure the victim could avoid their abuser at all costs, taking him/her out of classes they shared, etc.) until a criminal investigation concludes. If you’ve ever watched “Law and Order: SVU,” you would know rape cases are extremely difficult to prosecute, and take a very long time to conclude.

The news that NPC is withdrawing their support comes after individual sororities publicly voiced their concerns about the bill. Alpha Phi was the first sorority to speak out against the bill, saying “We believe our sisters who are survivors should have choices in how, when and to whom they go to for support or to report the crime.”

In total, nine NPC sororities refused to support NPC and this bill the way it stands. With nine out of their twenty six members publicly against the bill they worked so hard to pass, NPC basically had no choice but to revoke their support as well.

From NPC:

Each of our 26 member organizations are equal and operate autonomously, and NPC encourages them to speak on behalf of their membership. Our member organizations and NPC leadership have listened to the groundswell of concern among our members and are refocusing our legislative agenda. To that end, NPC is withdrawing its support of the Safe Campus Act….

Going forward, NPC will continue to collaborate with our 26 member organizations to develop programs and policies focused on ending sexual assault and supporting survivors. Care and support for every victim of sexual violence is important and we want each victim to have the opportunity to make the best choice when seeking justice.”

I guess it’s back to the drawing board.

[via National Panhellenic Conference]

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