Now You Can Officially Communicate Exclusively In Emojis

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As sorority girls, we’re all already communicating exclusively in emojis, anyway. Now, you can find the perfect platform to express the poop emoji, or even everyone’s favorite, hair flip girl (who, according to Siri, is actually “customer service person,” disappointingly enough).

Grab your phone, do a hair flip of your own, and download the new app, Emoji. It’s starting out as only a messaging service, but it hopes to one day be a social network. Like Facebook, only with emojis — basically a dream. If you go to the site now, you can sign up with an emoji username. I would personally choose the taco emoji that doesn’t exist yet, but that’s just me. Emoji will email you when the app is available, so I hope your body is ready.

The only drawback I can see is that it would make it even more difficult to decode texts from boys. Right now, it’s a struggle enough, and that’s without emojis. The addition of pictures would make it a truly impossible feat. I just can’t believe sorority girls didn’t think of this first, because we already communicate exclusively in emojis, anyway. No app necessary.

[via Cosmo]

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Fleur de Lilly

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