Not Getting President Was The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me


I wanted to be president of my sorority before I even received a bid. Yes, it is possible to be that Type A.

When I opened my bid card, I was beside myself. I had the chance to join an amazing group of women who I’d loved every round! I was excited to share it with my grandmother, a founding member at her school, but I secretly wondered if the sorority wanted me for who I was or because of my legacy status.

In true overachiever form, I was elected to be VP by the end of my first year. I loved every aspect of the job: working closely with the president and the rest of the executive board, coordinating events, and even losing sleep to make sure my sisters had a great experience. I worked myself to the bone out of love for the sorority and a desire to prove myself worthy. I did everything right, and I thought I had put myself in the perfect position to win president.

Fast forward to elections the next year. If you read the title, you know I wasn’t chosen to be president. I was crushed. Maybe it was cocky, but I was so sure I had it in the bag. I had the experience, I had the drive to help my sorority succeed, what else could my chapter want? Someone else, apparently.

The irony was that as the still acting VP I had the oh so fun job of facilitating the rest of the election process. Thank God recruitment taught me how to smile through anything!

Inside I was devastated. I felt totally confused and a little lost. Who was I in the sorority if not an officer?

They say your sisters know you best. Mine saw what I couldn’t at the time: that I had become stretched too thin in other areas of my life to give it my all. I had an overwhelming class schedule in a demanding major and as much as I wanted to, I just couldn’t do it all.

As a sorority, we needed someone that could pour her heart into the presidency. And I needed to go further outside my comfort zone than just another position in the chapter.

My sisters were right not to pick me, and I honestly thank them for seeing what I couldn’t at the time. They saw that what I wanted wasn’t what I needed and they make the best choice for our incredible organization as a whole.

Not becoming president allowed me to accept a position as head teaching assistant and gave me the freedom to go abroad for a full semester. Not becoming president made me to fall in love with my sisterhood all over again without the stress and disillusion that so often comes with being an exec member.

Most of all, I want to thank my sisters for making me feel like I truly belong – even without an official title.

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Claire Marie is the girl that listens to bad rap on her way from hot yoga to Starbucks. She's a recovering member of exec and writes about life and shoes at

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