No Joke, There Is A Loose Bull Running Around Texas State’s Campus Right Now

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BREAKING NEWS: Texas State is so Texas RN. University officers say a bull from a neighboring ranch wandered onto campus, and was spotted roaming around the Family Consumer Science Building. So typical of Texas to one up the llama drama from a few months ago, am I right?

I don’t see what the big deal is. Big guy is just trying to break out of the ring and make his way into the professional world. He’s just running around like, “IMMA GORE SOME MOTHERFUCKERS IF Y’ALL DON’T GIVE ME AN EDUCATION.”

Or maybe not. Reports say that the animal hasn’t inflicted any immediate threats to students or staff. However, it’s still a fucking bull, so people close to the situation should take precautions. You guys might want to just do what you need to do to avoid the area all together.

[via Fox 29]

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