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Nine University Of Delaware Phi Sigs Hospitalized After Bus Crash On The Way To A Mixer

It’s homecoming week at the University of Delaware, which means alumni are flocking to the scene of the four years they’re pretending never happened, while Greeks are fleeing to off-campus venues for mixers all week long. GDIs? I don’t know what they’re doing. Studying, probably.

You think you’re safe on the bus ride to a mixer. Your president is on a different bus. Standards isn’t on the prowl yet. Your risk manager drove her car in case girls need to be sent home early. All you have to do is avoid the people in the backseat who are either aggressively making out or peeing on the floor, and you should be good. So was the case until last night, at about 10pm, when a bus transporting Phi Sigma Sigma to their mixer venue was hit by a tractor trailer.

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 2.06.20 PM

The bus, carrying 40 Phi Sigs was overturned after it was hit by 26-year-old truck driver Roberto Figueroa-Gomez who failed to stop at a red light. Nine of the sorority girls were injured and driven by an ambulance to Christiana Hospital in Newark, Delaware, while the remainder were driven to smaller healthcare facilities for minor injuries. Two of the nine girls were admitted to the hospital with serious injuries and are still there now. Phi Sig’s nationals, located in Elkridge, Maryland (the town over from UD’s campus) rushed to help out their sisters in need.

The girls are currently being cared for, and seem like they will be okay. The only question that remains: why were there no boys on the bus?

[via Huffington Post]

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