Nick Viall Opens Up About His Reign As The Bachelor And It’s Bullshit

Nick Viall Opens Up About His Reign As The Bachelor And It's Bullshit

With a new year comes a new season of The Bachelor. We’ve been low key waiting for this moment for months. Once the outrage of ABC not picking Luke or Chase died down, once the shock wore off from finding out the new Bachelor was reality TV veteran Nick Viall, and once the creators sanctioned a new line of Bachelor inspired wine for us to down, we are finally ready to see what this season has in store for us hopeless romantics.

Nick Viall sat down with People magazine to give the run down on how things went in The Bachelor mansion with him calling all the shots this time. No more runner-up. Nick is THE man of the hour *sighs apathetically.*

One of the biggest things Nick said he wanted to take control over in this season was transparency. We know how transparent Nick is. Remember when he ousted Andi to the world about their bang sesh in the fantasy suite after she didn’t pick him? Transparent AF.

“There are things I like to keep personal but at the same time, I think one theme you’ll see throughout is that I wanted all the women to feel incredibly comfortable and empowered to ask me whatever they wanted to ask me and know that I would give them an honest answer and that it would be a two-way street. I wanted to encourage that the entire season.”

So, encourage open communication and honesty, which sounds all good and dandy, except you know this honesty policy is going to cause for some juice drama and some bat-shit crazy ladies. Ain’t mad.

He then goes on to talk about how hard it is to date multiple women at the same time (which hasn’t seemed to be a problem for former contestant, Jordan Rodgers, but he’s JoJo’s *unicorn* so congrats I guess). I can semi-relate to this mentality because going on one date for an hour with a new guy makes me want to bash my head into a brick wall, but I’d also marvel in the attention of dating 30 people at once. Pros and cons.

“Early on with so many women, you obviously don’t know a lot of things about them but talking to all of them and wanting to make it meaningful to all of them is very physically taxing,” he continues. “And then as time goes on, it becomes more emotionally taxing and less physically taxing. And you get to know these women, there’s a level of respect. You’re asking them to do things they’ve never been able to do and to face stressful situations and their fears.”

Then comes the bombshell we were all waiting for, did Nick find the one? Did he find more than one? Nick admitted he fell for more than one person, and had developed “strong feelings for multiple women.”

SHOCKER! Nick has been on Bachelor-inspired shows three times and each time has “found love” with the “Bachelorette” or with a lady in “Paradise.” Something don’t seem right, cuz it ain’t right. But I guess if we’ve learned one thing from seeing Nick so much it’s that he’s ready to be married. Or he’s ready to make his fifteen minutes of fame a solid forty-five.

He ends the interview with this:

“I really grew to care about and admire these women,” he says. “I can say that I’m very thankful — and very happy.”

He may be happy now, but he won’t be happy when his (possible) new financé reads the article and finds out he fell for more than one woman.

[via People]

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