New Zealand’s Hot Rugby Team Dances Shirtless In The Rain #Dead

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Rugby is a top 3 hottest sport for a guy to play, alongside baseball and football (or lacrosse, depending who you ask). Having great abs is a top three hottest quality for a guy to have alongside success, and humor. We all know Australians have the best accents, and a guy who can dance? Yes, please. Finally, we’ve found a way to combine them all.

New Zealand’s national rugby team, the All Blacks, has a little sporting tradition I think we can all get on board with. Before each game they perform a “Haka dance” to intimidate their opponents. The dance dates back to New Zealanders’ tribal ancestors, but is still often performed today. After beating England this weekend, 26-7, the team performed the dance again after the game…shirtless…in the rain. My life and my loins will never be the same.

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Hold on, I just realized I have an errand to run in the other room. It’’s going to take 15-20 minutes. Be right back.

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