New Yorkers Can Now Order Plan B To Their Doorsteps


“New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of. There’s nothin’ you can’t do, now you’re in New York.” If only Alicia Keys knew what she was singing into existence back in 2009. New York; the city that never sleeps, is also now the city that delivers Plan B to your doorstep. There is a God.

A bodega in Manhattan’s Lower East Side just added the emergency contraception to its delivery menu on Seamless. Also on the delivery menu; Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Deli quesadillas, and Cafe Grumpy coffee brew. Seems like the bodega owners know exactly what a girl needs after her one-night stands.

Corner Grocers on Orchard Street knew what they were doing when they put Plan B on their delivery items list, they also knew what they were doing when the jacked up the price, coming in at $76.99 for one box. That’s almost double the regular price of one Plan B box. However, I would like to argue the fact that I would happily pay double to avoid the public embarrassment and judgement coming from the pharmacist in Walgreens that sees me at least one Sunday morning of every month. I’m running out of hats and oversized hoodies to disguise myself in.

There are some other alternatives. You could own up to your drunken mistakes and buy it at CVS in person as punishment for being so reckless, you could order in bulk online from Amazon and pay normal price, or you can be fancy as fuck and have it delivered to your doorstep.

I will chose the latter, along with one of those quesadillas. Currently planning my move to New York.

[via Cosmo/a>]

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