New York Times Thinks You Should Put Peas In Guacamole And The Internet Is Irrationally Pissed About It

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It’s a beautiful day when one of the most talked about topics on the internet is a delicious dip/spread/lifesource. New York Times is catching a lot of flak for a recent article that encouraged readers to add peas to guacamole. The writer said that the peas “add intense sweetness and a chunky texture to the dip, making it more substantial on the chip” and “also intensify the color of the green avocado — and help the guacamole stay that way.”

This is obviously a ridiculous notion since guacamole is perfect the way it is, but the suggestion is not really a huge deal in the grand scheme of shitty things happening in the world. Within minutes of releasing the article, it received a crazy amount of angry backlash from guac lovers countrywide.

Even Barry O weighed in on the argument. This isn’t a joke. The president of the United States gave us his thoughts on a heated guacamole debate.

I don’t normally partake in Twitter debates, because we’re usually instructed to ignore the trolls. But this one is really hard to overlook. It is by far one of the most entertaining arguments I’ve ever seen, even if the majority of outrage is exaggerated for humor’s sake. Regardless, some of y’all need to pop a Xanax and chill the fuck out.

As for the New York Times: Guacamole is a shining beacon of light in an otherwise bleak and meaningless world. Suggesting that anyone should add peas to it is absolute blasphemy, and I don’t stand for it. We expected better from you.

[via Observer]

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