New Nail Trend Makes Wiping Impossible

snowball nails

Being a girl is an everyday struggle, and nails make it even more difficult. You paint your nails, and when you pick up your phone to check your Instagram, you tap two of your nails together for just a second, and they are absolutely destroyed. You can’t take your nail polish off yet because your other nails are wet and the cotton ball and nail polish remover will ruin the rest of them, so you try to smooth them with your fingers and leave big finger prints. By the time that they dry, you are completely over it, so you just wait for them to chip off, which luckily is only a few days later.

IF you do get your nails done, you run the risk of being made of to your face in a different language and questioned about your love life and waxing needs. You could get a little wild and get a flower on your ring finger, or you could get a little idiotic and get fucking mini snow globes.

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Good luck trying to wipe with a giant ball glued to your finger that you are constantly worried about falling off. And tampons? Forget about it. Just sit on your throne and let your slaves do everything for you. This is the height of luxury.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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