New Hampshire Chi Omegas Forced To Resign For Drinking…Legally

New Hampshire Chi O

Who here has ever been personally victimized by Nationals? *Raises hand. Looks around. Kills self.*

Although most of us haven’t been singled out by Nationals (no judgment if you have–I have) it’s not hard to imagine that if you are, it probably sucks. I’ve said for ages that the one really flawed part of an otherwise wonderful Greek system is the fact that we don’t always look after our own. At the first sight of scandal, the initial reaction is to protect the reputation of the organization, not the member. And it’s shitty. Really shitty.

A group of seniors in Chi Omega, who live in an off campus house together at the University of New Hampshire, threw a soiree for the rest of their graduating class. They honored their 37 seniors, who are all of legal drinking age. Seems like a pretty normal thing for a group of senior girls to do–until someone reported it as an “unregistered Chi Omega social event in which alcohol was involved.” This just in: you’re not allowed to drink with your friends without telling Nationals.

What followed was absolutely ridiculous. Chi Omega was put on probation and dubbed “seriously delinquent.” Admittedly, there are some pretty delinquent ongoings within the Greek system. This is not one of them.

As a result of this event, every member of Chi Omega was subject to a “member review” by Nationals, during which members were interviewed for 20 minutes in regard to the specific incident. The interviewers didn’t ask anything about why the girls joined Chi Omega, what they contributed to Chi Omega, or what Chi Omega did for them. At the end of the reviews, every single member of the senior class–the foundation of the Mu Alpha chapter–was forced to take an early alumna status. The hosts of the event were asked to resign.

From the blog of former Chi O, Hilary Gaumer:

In May, I’ll be graduating with some of the smartest, most compasionate, hard working people that I have ever had the privilege to know not to mention become best friends with. They’ve served as leaders, positive influences and role models, charitable donors and volunteers on behalf of this organization. I wonder if our nationals considered these things when they asked us to no longer refer to us as sisters and revoke our letters.

How can you say Hilary and her sisters aren’t devoted members? We commend you girls on your bravery. I’m not a Chi Omega, but if I was, I’d be proud to call you a sister–official member or not.

[via Hilary Gaumer:

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