New Dating Show Cuts To The Chase And Lets People Pick Based Off Of Their Naughty Parts

naked attraction

Do you ever go home with someone, really excited to get down and dirty, but once you do it’s not at all what you expected? It’s a problem that millions of people face every day. But Channel 4, a British broadcasting company, is trying to fix that problem. They have developed a new TV show called Naked Attraction that lets contestants choose their dates based off of their naked body. It sounds similar to Dating Naked, but it’s a little more harsh. The potential dates are lined up with no clothes on and their faces covered so you can only see their bodies. If you aren’t picked, you have to come out of the box, show your face to everyone watching, and say goodbye. Absolutely not humiliating at all.

After each elimination, the curtain rises a little bit to reveal more of the person’s body, until eventually the last person is revealed, at which point the person who chose them gets naked and they just hang out (literally and figuratively).

The contestants are still asked questions, like this guy, who was asked what his favorite body part of his is.

The first episode is streaming online now, just in time for The Bachelorette to wrap up. As much as you love to hate Chad, aren’t you curious to see what he’s packin’?

[via Cosmopolitan]

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