New Dating App Allows You To Use Videos On Your Profile, Can Only Go Wrong

new dating app allows videos on profile

A woman’s snapstory is a work of art. We carefully plan each post, sure to be true to our personal brand while still entertaining our audience. We understand the importance of the quality of snapstories. Guys, on the other hand, are an absolute mess. It’s a good thing we already know them before we add them on Snapchat, otherwise it would be a terrible first impression. Unfortunately, there is a new dating app that now allows you to put videos on your profile, and there is no scenario in which it is going to go well.

Lively is the first dating app to allow videos as opposed to just pictures and text. It’s a good idea in theory: words and pictures can only say so much while videos can show the person’s true self. You could see the way they crinkle their nose when they laugh, you can hear the sound of their voice go up when they get excited about what they are talking about, you can see the way their eyes light up when they see their favorite food. But there is approximately a 100% chance that is not what this feature is going to be used for. The following is a list of horrible things you could expect to find:

  • Lifting videos
  • Terrible acoustic covers
  • Lip sync videos
  • Grainy concert footage
  • Clips of them playing sports
  • Beer bongs/shotguns
  • Clips of their favorite TV show
  • Full body scan
  • Shooting guns
  • GoPro backflips
  • Talking to the camera about bullshit
  • Dogs being exploited for the attention of women
  • Dickopters (when guys swing their dongs in a circle like a helicopter)

Who knows, this could be the next dating craze that makes online dating even more effective. Just don’t say you weren’t warned.

[via Elite Daily]

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