New App Lets You See EVERYTHING On Your Boyfriend’s Phone

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Are you worried your suitor might be unfaithful? There’s an app for that. The new app, mCouple, will let you creep on your gentleman caller’s phone. It’s basically a Marauder’s Map in real life. The app will give you complete and total access to your boy toy’s phone, which includes his texts, Facebook messages, and even his location, because GPS. Definitely not creepy.

This ultimate invasion of privacy was developed by a London firm called mSpy. If you’re feeling extra sorority girl stalker, you can use it to record your guy’s conversations, and you can also access photos and videos he saves. Who said romance needed a little mystery? Transparency is the new normal.

The creators are pretending the app’s not that creepy by stressing that the user must consent to having his life looked at. As sorority girls, we all know that it would be easy enough to slip a dude a little too much hunch punch and then go creeping on his key code…not that I would know from experience or anything. Theoretically speaking.

mCouple is marketed as a tool to make couples closer than ever before, but it sounds a little too intimate to me. It makes cuddling look like a handshake. Before it became the creepy couple app, it was marketed toward parents who wanted to keep their children perpetually under lock and key. It was basically a chastity belt, only a digital edition. Horrible bosses who wanted to cyber stalk their employees 24/7 also used it. As much as I love a good cyber stalk, mCouple makes me long for the days of Nokia brick phones, where all you could do was play Snake and maybe send a text or two if you were lucky.

[via Telegraph]

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