New Alarming Trend: Colleges Charging $60,000 A Year For Tuition

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Unless you’re at a state school, you received a massive scholarship, or you’re a Park Avenue princess with a trust fund to boot, college is an expensive endeavor. Almost everyone I know graduated with student loans up the wazoo in an effort to avoid turning into another Belle Knox. It might be because I went to one of the 50 American colleges that charges more than $60,000 per year. So exclusive.

While I’d like to think that my college education–and the experience–was worth every penny, as a faux grownup in the real world, I can’t even imagine the amount of money that went into it. I might even look into a Belle Knox-esque career in an effort to remake the money spent on late night study sessions and lectures.

These schools that come in at $60,000 per year just include the starting cost. Once you add on books (which you always manage to buy for hundreds and sell back for pennies), travel, and basic human costs, like, you know, eating, you’re dealing with way more money. Then, add on sorority dues, lattes, and the perfect mixer outfits and you’re basically swimming in debt before you even get started.

The most expensive school in the country right now is Harvey Mudd College, coming in at $64,527: $48,694 in tuition and fees and $15,833 for room and board. Last year, only nine schools cost more than $60,000. New York University, at $61,977, was the most expensive school last year. Now, there’s a grand total of 50 colleges and universities that charge more than $60,000 a year. Does your college make the cut? You might not even need to look at the list to see if it does. Instead, you can just peek inside your empty wallet.

[via Business Insider]

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