Never Buy The Wrong Shade Of Foundation Ever Again With This Life-Changing App

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Makeup is magic. It hides your zits, covers your underage circles and allows your professors to ignore the fact that you are still a little drunk in class. With the simple swipe of many, many products, it can even transform my weepy six self into a hard nine, ready to break hearts. Good makeup is the key to looking like you do on Instagram in real life.

If you do it correctly.

One of the worst sins in the makeup world is using the wrong foundation. Swatch and mix the different shades all you want, having the color off by just a little guarantees you’ll wind up looking a ghost or an extra from Jersey Shore.

For those who are blessed with the skills of a Youtube makeup star, matching foundation is basically like breathing. But we’re not all Youtube makeup stars who can use makeup to casually become Drake or can carve cheekbones out of the flat, dimensionless planes of our faces.

Thankfully, someone is finally making foundation matching easier for the rest of us.

MATCHCo is an app that’s designed to make sure your foundation actually matches your skin tone. Basically, you use your phone’s camera to take a bunch of pictures of your face. Those are used to create a custom foundation that’s tailored uniquely to your skin. The foundation shade is so custom that the bottle even has your name on it. It’s a primer, moisturizer and color all in one, so you don’t have to worry about any other product throwing your blend off. The app and all it’s game changing abilities can be downloaded here.

It probably won’t give me the Kim Kardashian cheekbones I’ve always wanted, but at least I’ll stop looking like Snooki’s weird sister.

[via Forbes]

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