Naked Lady Tries To Drown Person Who Told Her To Put Clothes On, Probably An Overreaction

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When it comes to being naked, there is most definitely a time and place. The time is whenever, and the place is wherever. Being naked is fun, and anyone who says otherwise is straight up lying to your face. All the best things happen when you’re naked, like taking a bath, enjoying a bone-sesh, and attempting to drown innocent bystanders who ask you to put clothes on. Wait, what?

A 31-year-old Texas woman named Morgan Areshchenko was enjoying some quality, nude sunbathing at her very public apartment complex’s pool when a mother asked her to cover up. Understandable. Kids shouldn’t have to see a random lady’s beaver every time they look up from their game of Marco Polo. Areshchenko was so frustrated with this request that she actually pushed the mother into the pool and held her head underwater. When an employee intervened to stop Areshchenko, she began to throw rocks at him.

This is so bizarre. When did it become socially acceptable to try and murder anyone who bothers you? I thought we were all in agreement that a middle finger was sufficient enough to get the job done. Furthermore, why did this chick think it would be totally cool to show up to her apartment complex buck naked? That doesn’t even sound fun. Did she honestly expect that no one would be like, “Uh, that shit doesn’t fly here.”

Areshchenko has been charged with aggravated assault. If she went that crazy over someone asking her to put on a swimsuit, I can’t even imagine what she would do to someone trying to incarcerate her. Godspeed to whatever poor fucker tries to detain this bitch.

[via KXAN]

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