My New Years Resolution

2011 is over and itʼs time to start thinking about 2012, as if I already wasnʼt. Every year millions of people create their list New Years Resolution filled with, “I will go to the gym, I will eat right, I wonʼt drink too much.” Excuse me, but I already stay fit, eat right and I drink my fair share, thank you very much. The typical resolutions of a sorority girl are a bit different from the rest, thus harder to maintain. Here is my New Years Resolution for 2012 which should be applied to all other sorority girls’ lists.

1. Stop Thinking About Ex-Fratdaddy

Itʼs not that you still like him, okay maybe you do, but you just need to stop thinking about all those good times. The best way to do so is to think of the bad. Just remember all the times he messed up date nights, when he chose the game over you, and when he let you pay for lunch. If the bad are blacked out, hopefully there are some when only he was blacked out and you had to remind him of how many girls he hit on the night before. Just think of that.

2. Love My Little Even More (as if thatʼs possible)

Your Little is the most amazing, perfect, mini you possible and you already shower her with your intense love, but thereʼs always room for more coffee, shopping and gossiping dates. This next year you want your Little to never doubt how much you love her, because she is the best Little out there and she
needs to constantly know it. Make fun and creative dates for you two so that she knows you want her to feel special. And make sure to have lots of full family outings as well, even if you have to book up the whole nail salon.

3. Not Spending Too Much Time On Pinterest

Letʼs face it, pinterest is possibly the most amazing invention since “Say Yes to the Dress.” Thereʼs even a pin button on TSM photos. Our weddings are coming together quite well and there are more craft ideas than you can count. Yet, looking for the shoes to match the dress you just pinned can take a while, and in a flash, itʼs been three hours. For 2012, spending a little less time looking at perfectly roasted chickens and finding a magical villa in France to spend your summers might sound like the best choice, but itʼs not. Facebook, Twitter, and the living world misses you, they need some love too.

4. Rushing Your Little Heart Out

Rush is a sport. No matter what anyone says, itʼs a damn sport and you are determined to win. Of course your house always wins, getting quota, total and the best PNMs, and nothing needs to change for 2012. You will stay on top and will not waiver. The silver will be pristine and you will glide the shit out of those stairs. Your white shorts will be pressed and your matching sandals will be as white as the day they came out of the box. You got stuck giving a tour to a girl who wonʼt shut up about her pet rabbit named “Christmas Magic”? Good thing for the next twenty minutes thatʼs the most amazing thing youʼve ever heard in your life. And as Bid Day comes, of course youʼll stay on top, as you always do.

5. Winning Over the Guys

A lot can be said for perfect sandwiches, cupcakes, coolers, and anything else you can whip up for the guys, but something thereʼs just something about a girl who knows her way with a rifle and cheers on a fight during a hockey game. This year, try being a little bit more of a guys girl at times. You can always bring cookies to the tailgate, but not all girls know the difference between a “safety” and a “fair

6. Find the Best Grand-Little

Watching the next generation of sorority women is so much fun, but of those new members, one of them will be joining your family lineage. The flow of your sorority family depends on you now. You must do as your Big did and her Big before her: you must help your Little to find her own mini me. Sheʼll go through the same phases as you did, but you must direct her towards which girl would best suit her and the rest of the family. In the coming year you will be a generation older and there will be a brand new little one for you to spoil, so she better be worth it.

7. Obey My Creed

As sorority women, we all have either a creed, mission statement, purpose, promise, symphony, motto or vision. Our founders spent a lot of time and effort organizing our sisterhood and the words that describe who we are, so shouldnʼt we actually listen to them for a change? Instead of just running off the lines before meeting or just teaching it to the new members, put those words to good use next year. For 2012, “strive each day to seek more earnestly the honorable and beautiful things” everyday, and “give graciously of what is” yours. Live with “a clear vision of life” and “be to others what we wish they would be to us.” This year should be filled with “satisfaction in being, rather than seeming,” so make sure you “believe in [your] fraternity” or sorority and make 2012 your bitch.

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