My FWB Helped Me Get Over My Long-Term Relationship


Friends with benefits, fuck buddy, whatever you want to call them, everyone needs to have one at least once during their college career. Some people disagree, and I get it. I was super against the idea ever since the movies “Friends With Benefits” and “No Strings Attached” came out. I watched those movies and thought to myself, “who in their right mind would ever do that?”

Answer: me, during my senior year in college.

I had just gone through a really bad breakup. The guy who I thought was my “soulmate” walked out on me out of the clear blue. Now, my ex and I had sex a lot. And when I say a lot, I meant like averaging three times a day. It was like breakfast, lunch and dinner at that point. So after we broke up, the dry spell was absolutely KILLING me. Then I found out the worst thing that any girl could find out two weeks after a break up…my ex was already starting to see someone else. I was furious. But more than that, I was ready to get back out there. The thing was, I had no idea what to do.

I was never a one-night stand kind of girl (no judgment to girls who are, you do you) and it had been FOREVER since I have been single. I had relationship written all over me. On one fateful night, my roommates threw me in a super tight, super low cut shirt, my best jeans, heels and dragged me out to the bar. When we walked in the bar, it was already crowded and almost every seat was filled. We ended up sitting at this long picnic table with a few other fraternity guys who my friend knew. We ended up chatting with them for a while, but unfortunately, me and my clearly prominent boobs were not getting any attention.

About to throw in the towel and call it a night, that’s when he walked in and sat down at our table with his brothers. Tall, lean, chiseled body, tan, brown hair, piercing blue eyes and the most radiant smile. This guy was the epitome of tall, dark and handsome. He sat down next to my friend and started chatting with him, as they apparently knew each other. I had seen this guy around before but never was introduced. My friend introduced us and we hit it off right away.

As soon as he went to the bathroom, I leaned in towards my friend and said to him, “Oh my God he is so cute! Is he single?” My friend grew the biggest smile and replied, “Why yes he is! You like?” I could feel my face turn bright red and nervously I nodded my head. When this Adonis of a man returned, we began talking and flirting. We continued talking the entire night and he eventually invited me back to his place to have a couple more drinks and “hang out.”

I went back to his place and, well, you can fill in the rest. His body matched his incredibly hot face. I have never seen someone so attractive before and boy, was he packing heat under those jeans. After we were done, he gave me one of his sweatshirts and graciously offered to walk me home “because it was dark” and didn’t want me to walk home by myself. *Swoon*. He gave me a kiss goodnight and I was on my way. Now I thought that was the end of that for me. Until the next night.

My roommates and I went out and low and behold, I ran into him again. I chatted him up for a little and he bought me a couple drinks and we hung out the rest of the night. He asked me if I was ready to go back and in just a few minutes, he had a ride ready for us. I went back with him and again had mind-blowing sex. And just like the night before, he gave me yet another sweatshirt and walked me home.

This being the second night in a row I hooked up with this guy, I laid in my bed thinking to myself, Did I just find myself a fuck buddy? What was going on with me? Have I really become the person in the movies that I despised? Curse you Mila Kunis and JT for making it look so appealing.

About a week or so went by and I didn’t really go out at all, so I never ran into him or anything. It was a Wednesday night and I was sober but feeling ~frisky~. I contemplated it for a second and then decided to be ballsy and text him anyway to see if he wanted to get together tonight. Within a few minutes I got a response saying for me to come over whenever I wanted. So I headed over.

I was nervous heading over this time because I had never hooked up with him sober. I knocked on the door and he greeted me with an infectious smile and a kiss. We went to his room and talked for about an hour while we had a few drinks. After about an hour of talking, we started making out and one thing lead to another…three times actually. I spent the night there and left the next morning, but not without a kiss goodbye, of course.

I walked home feeling like I was not on a walk of shame, but a stride of pride. I found the perfect situation here. I met a hot, nice guy, neither one of us wanted a relationship, and we didn’t know each other well enough to develop feelings. He wasn’t a douche, I get to have the best sex I’ve ever had (that is NOT a lie), he shares his booze and buys me drinks, walks me home and gives me sweatshirts to wear and when I went to the restaurant he worked at and ran into him, I got free food.

We have been hooking up for about a month now and it’s been the perfect situation for the both of us. I’ll text him to see if he’s out and if he is we meet up and then go back to his place. Even if neither of us are out and just want to get together a random night, we text each other and meet up.

Even though it may sound bitchy, it was a way for me to get over the breakup. Pounds of ice cream and hours of girl talk helped too, but getting under someone really is one of the best ways to get over someone. The feelings I felt for my ex didn’t transfer over to this new guy, they disappeared with time. But being with someone else and having zero expectations of a relationship helped me realize that my “soulmate” was never really my soulmate at all.

And I’ve learned that being single isn’t bad at all. At least not when you’re getting laid almost every night by a Greek god.

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