My Boyfriend Told Me He Wanted To Have Sex With Another Girl And I Snapped


I hate to be the one to break this news to you, but honestly, every single boy in the world is a fuckboy. Your perfect relationship? Yeah, sorry. He’s actually a fuckboy. It’s 2016, there’s probably like a statistic out there somewhere to prove it.

Personally, I’m no statistician, but here’s how I came to realize this.

So I’m going to preface this story with the fact that I had been dating my boyfriend for a little more than a year when this incident occurred. He was always a gentleman, he was mature for our age, and he had goals, whatever. It was sort of like dating a 30-year-old successful businessman. I even took his virginity because he was “waiting for the right one.” (Cue: “Awww.”) So with that being said, I expected him to be above the whole college fuckboy thing.

Anyway, so a few months into our relationship, he would always mess around and be like “Let’s try anal!” (um, no) or “Let’s have a threesome!” (um, double no.) Typical guy thing to ask, and typical guy thing to ask a few more times to make sure I was positive about saying no.

But like, this guy WOULD. NOT. DROP IT.

He eventually stopped asking for anal a few months later when his best girlfriend from home told him her horror story about a guy “Accidentally going in the back door and how it was traumatizing.” I was a little upset that he would listen to his friend’s account over mine, but I was more thrilled with the fact that he would shut up about it now.

But the threesome? “Come on! It’ll be fun! You’ll love it, we’ll get you a little drunk, and then we can do it.” He even picked out my freaky friend and said that I should get her to do it with us. If a guy ever keeps pestering you about a threesome, there is a hidden reason. It’s not “just so he can watch two girls.” If he won’t drop it, RUN. Unless you’re about having another naked girl within inches of your boyfriend. But if you’re not, run as far as you can and never look back. Because you’re dating a Grade A fuckboy.

So fast-forward my relationship to a few weeks after our one-year anniversary. We’re doing our thing in his room, and I’m lying there ready to have a nice conversation with him afterward.
And that’s when he dropped the bomb. (When I’m in my most vulnerable state too, like can you not?)

“I kind of want to have sex with another girl.”

Excuse me?

“Yeah, I want to know what it’s like.”

I mean I did take his virginity, so I guess it’s valid. But also, what? That’s something you keep inside your mind or something you might slip to your guy friends. Not your girlfriend. I mean, I’ve told him that I want to have sex with like, Harry Styles. But that’s completely different! My boyfriend that I’ve been in love with for a year wants to be intimate with another female? This has to be a joke.

So I start to sit up and put my clothes back on, about to make some dramatic scene where I storm out and throw some line to make him feel super guilty. Like, “You want to go have sex with another girl? Then do it, because you’re not having sex with me anymore!” Oh, shoot. Got him. And I totally would have said that, if I could think that quickly in the moment, or if he didn’t stop me and throw some BS that I completely fell for.

“You’ve had sex with another guy that you’ve had a relationship with, and I get jealous. I don’t know if that makes you still have feelings for him or anything.”

Okay, fair question. I guess. Except for then I remembered that he had been begging me for a threesome for half of our relationship. And then I pieced together that he didn’t just want to watch me play with another girl, even though he claimed if we did it that “he wouldn’t touch her.” Yeah, right.

At that point, I had heard enough so I grabbed my stuff, walked out of there, and slept with a hotter guy the next day. It felt great.

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