My Boyfriend Is An A**hole


When I was visiting my boyfriend at his college, I had the opportunity to sit in and observe some of the classes I would be taking as a transfer student the next year. One of the classes just so happened to be his Music Theory IV class (I know, we’re music nerds — it’s okay, we party just as hard as the rest of you, but can spout off facts about every song ever written). His response when I told him I’d be joining him in that class the next day was less than enthusiastic.

“I don’t want you to see what I’m, like, in class.”

Now this might send up red flags for some of you. What was my darling little nerd hiding from me? Well, to put in quite frankly, my boyfriend is an asshole. The playful, sweet frat boy who stole my heart is usually know for being a smart ass with no filter. From getting kicked out of his campus dining hall for making a joking slur about a worker’s mental capacities (she messed up his tacos), to making more than a few fellow students hate him for his seemingly self-absorbed comments, he’s not exactly a nice guy.

Actually, he’s a total asshole. But I don’t care.

As I sat in on his class the next day, it was difficult for me to equate the guy who whispered how much he loved me into my ear as I drifted off to sleep in his arms to the guy who was smarting off to his “buddies” in class. As I spent time around him and his friends and the assorted other people he interacted with on a daily basis, I realized just how lucky I was. While I got to cuddle with a sweet softie and eat lasagna that he cooked for dinner, I also got to appreciate his (admittedly sometimes rude) sense of humor. He cares deeply for me, but he’s also a no-fucks-given badass in front of his frat brothers. Basically, he knows how to be a gentleman to his lady without giving up his dignity and that fragile male ego we all know guys nurse. We make a pretty enviable couple, if I do say so myself. I can trust him to drink and party responsibly because I know he’ll turn down other girls advances, if only to be a little bitchy to them in his drunken stupor. We can go from flipping each other off and insulting each other’s choice of shoes to snuggling on his couch watching a movie (wanna know a secret? His favorite are the chick flicks). There aren’t many offending moments because we have such a playful, chilled-out attitude with everything we do.

So my advice to you? Date the asshole, just as long as he’s not an asshole to you. You’d be surprised to know that sometimes the guys with the hardest exterior, are the softest on the inside. And as for me? Dating the asshole was the best decision I ever made.

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