MTV’s Girl Code Meets TSM


Girls are weird. We choose our friends based upon who will tell us exactly what we already think. You’ve said it: “Why are we the same person?” “We literally share a brain.” “Get out of my head. Just kidding. I like you there.” You probably even have a designated best friend who just iterates your own thoughts back to you. You know, the one you call when you need just one person to validate the really shitty thing you’re doing. You talk about it why it’s okay to sleep with the guy who’s hopelessly in love with you even though you have no interest in him, and by the end of it, you two have convinced yourselves that the rest of the world is actually wrong on the matter.

It’s weird. But in any case, this very notion probably has a lot to do with why we’re so obsessed with MTV’s “Girl Code.” Those girls are all:

And we’re all like, “YES!” We continue to watch, thinking PLEASE continue with your witchcraft, sorceresses, because you are reading my mind. And then they’re like:

And then your brain explodes, the episode ends, and you get excited to tune in next week.

You may have noticed there was no absence of Carly Aquilino in my little GIFfery, and it’s not just because she looks like the Little Mermaid. I’ve got good news for you, ladies. I know you’re all obsessed with TFM’s Podcast, featuring J-Train. If you haven’t ever listened to it, you should, because it’s awesome and Carly Aquilino will be Jared’s guest NEXT WEEK. I know. We’re dying, too.

The vile alcoholics who frequent TFM have emailed questions in to Jared, weekly, giving him and his guests something to talk about, and now we’re taking the user-based questions to you. Email your questions for Carly to by Wednesday before the taping, and you may hear it answered on our podcast next week. And don’t be shy about it, because remember:

Listen to past TFM Podcasts below, and check back every Tuesday for a new one.

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