Move Over, Netflix And Chill – Broadway’s New Streaming Service Is Here


With the variety of streaming services I pay to subscribe to – Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and HBO NOW – you’d think that I’d never run out of things to watch, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Every night, I mindlessly open and close each app, hoping something has been added that I haven’t yet watched. After around half an hour of searching through 79 documentaries about animal life in the Arctic (thanks for those recommendations, Blackfish), I sigh and resign myself to rewatching season 2 of Gossip Girl for at least the eighth time. Something has been missing from the video streaming world, but now, the perfect solution has come to fill this hole in my life.

BroadwayHD is the new service that lets you belt out all of your sing-a-long favorites at the top of your lungs for only $14/month. That’s right – for approximately the cost of one treinta triple-shot no-foam extra-syrup sugar-free skim pumpkin spice latte, I can be Elsa from the comfort of my own bed each and every night as I scare the neighbor’s dogs with my singing. You can stream 100 titles of your favorite Broadway hits and experience the magic of the theater without having to put on pants or drag your whining boyfriend to a show where two tickets would cost more than the down payment on that Yurman ring you won’t stop dropping hints about. Could this be any more perfect?

So yes, BroadwayHD, take my money, just like every other subscription I’m addicted to. I’m sure I’ll be obsessed with you for a month until the next new subscription service comes out, I lose interest in you, but forget to cancel you so you continue to drain my bank account forever. But what can I say – it’s the circle of life.

Now where’s that grilled cheese I ordered from Seamless?

[via NY Daily News]

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