Most Supportive Husband Ever Jay-Z Hid In The Crowd To Watch Beyoncé Perform (Video)


In an internet world that seems to revolve around any sort of #goals — seriously, I think I’ve seen them all — Jay-Z has earned the title of this week’s #relationshipgoals. Well, honestly any dude landing a megastar like Beyoncé is a goal in itself. Aside from prior cheating rumors, Jay-Z appears to know how to treat his lady. I mean, he’s willing to take solo shots of her for the gram, and she probably didn’t even have to ask him. What more could one girl want?!

This past weekend in Philadelphia for Budweiser’s Made in America Festival, Beyonce performed looking just as beautiful and fan blown as ever. Does the woman sweat?!

Rather than jumping on stage to join her in one of their many collabs, Jay took the night off to sit back and watch his lady do her thang. He didn’t sit in a nice air conditioned seat in a VIP box with bottle service, he didn’t sit backstage in the wing nodding along, he took the best seat in the house. Jay-Z joined all the other sweaty fangirling plebeians in the crowd.

Daunting an oversized grey hoodie, Jay-Z towered over everyone and did his best to disguise himself within the crowd. I’m not sure if he was fooling anyone, but I appreciate the effort.

You’d think he was a lifelong dedicated fan attending his first concert. Look at the little glimmer in his eyes. Here he is geeking out with Nick Jonas. Possible duet? I hope so.

Yup, Bey is winning life right now.

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