Most Sadistic Professor Ever Gave His Class An Insanely Twisted Extra Credit Question

Most Sadistic Professor Ever Gave His Class An Insanely Twisted Extra Credit Question

College is difficult, and made worse by the fact that you get at least one shitty professor per semester. Whether he assigns a ridiculous amount of homework, doesn’t speak English, or gives you zero clue as to what your grade might be until the last second of the term, that one crapy teacher always manages to harsh your buzz and make your life a living hell. The only upside is that you get to channel your inner bitch and unleash hell on his or her evaluation when the semester ends.

Dylan Selterman, a professor at the University of Maryland, might take the cake for the most sadistic professor that ever lived. This is solely because of an extra credit question that he has given to every class of his since 2008. A question that probably ruins lives, or at least GPAs.

Here you have the opportunity to earn some extra credit on your final paper grade. Select whether you want ​2 points ​or ​6 points ​added onto your final paper grade. But there’s a small catch: if more than 10% of the class selects 6 points, then no one gets any points. Your responses will be anonymous to the rest of the class, only I will see the responses.

Dylan claims that only one class has received the extra credit since he started assigning it to his students seven years ago. Big fucking surprise there. A ton of college students are dumb, greedy bitches, and it only takes a few to quickly screw over the rest in a scenerio like this.

Our boy Dylan was quick to own up to this mess of a question, and stands behind his decision to mindfuck students every year. He disguises this twisted mindset by attempting to slip in a quick lesson, telling the Baltimore Sun, “It’s too big a temptation for some students to take the greater points option, and it seems to me like just a piece of human nature.” No shit, Sherlock. Obviously a bunch of desperate, barely self-sufficient college kiddos are going to opt for a higher bonus without thinking about how this choice will affect others, or themselves. It’s a goddamn jungle out there.

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