Most Dramatic Woman In The World Is Suing Ellen

Most Dramatic Woman In The World Sues Ellen

Ellen Degeneres is an angel on Earth who has committed her life to bringing joy to people everywhere. Every week day, you can count on Ellen to dance her way into your cold, dead heart. Taking Ellen away from the world, it’s like taking away the sun. During one of my favorite segment of hers, “What’s Wrong With These Signs?” she showed a picture of a real estate sign that featured the name Titi Pierce and “made a joke about breasts.” Titty, I mean Titi, was nonplused. She is suing Ellen and Warner Bros. for defamation. The sign had her phone number on it, which gave a bunch of punks the idea to prank call her a bunch. She claims the calls are “ridiculing and harassing.”

OOOOOOOOkay. I’ve kept my mouth shut about PC culture for as long as I can, but when you mess with Ellen, you mess with me. This completely harmless joke does not warrant being sued over. Her phone number should have been taken off, yes. But are we really going to start suing over jokes? It’s clearly getting out of hand when someone as wholesome as Ellen is getting such backlash for a silly joke. Everyone needs to get their panties out of their ass and take a joke for once. Especially from Ellen. She’s the tits.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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