Most Badass Teen Ever Retaliates On College Admissions By Rejecting Her Own Rejection Letter

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Rejection is hard. Whether it comes from a guy who’s out of your league, that pair of skinny jeans you still can’t squeeze yourself into, or the college of your dreams, there’s no easy way to accept a big fat “NO” from something you really want. As it turns out, not everyone does accept it.

When Duke University denied admission to a hopeful high school senior, the 17-year-old decided to show them who’s boss. She rejected her own rejection letter, with an email that I’m sure left Duke Admissions whispering “what the fuck” under their breath before popping another Xanax and pretending the whole thing never happened.

My guess is that this chick either decided she had nothing to lose, or got really drunk to cope with the loss and subsequently decided that this was the best option due to her intoxicated state. Either way, she should realize that the number of grammatical errors in the email will leave Duke’s admissions unimpressed and confident in their decision to reject her, because the fact that she made that many mistakes in one email is probably the reason she didn’t get in in the first place. Regardless, I admire her “fuck the system” approach to the situation. This grasshopper will no doubt go very, very far in life.

[via HuffingtonPost]

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